Non Hunters

Courtesy of United Bowhunters of PA

The sport of bow hunting is a way of life for our members. It is a complex, difficult issue to accurately express in words, and oftentimes we communicate our feelings rather poorly. Archers are your neighbors, employers, employees, your clergymen, co-workers, and friends, whether you realize it or not. As hunters, we realize that you have chosen your path through careful thought and reflection; please realize that we in turn have chosen ours in much the same way.

In as much as we respect your right not to take part in the sport and lifestyle that we embrace, we appreciate your respect in acknowledging the fact that we too have a right to live our lives as we see fit. This includes being an active, integral part of nature; one who lives within the confines of both man-made and natural law, and apologizes to no man for doing so. We are proud of our natural, instinctual roots, and believe that the world would be a far less dynamic place without them. We are not all meant to be hunters - nor are we all meant to be gatherers. We can understand and accept that reality... can you?