Is archery safe?

Yes, very safe. We strive to have our shooting opportunities 20 yards or less. 99% of our shots would be from an elevated tree stand, thus making the arrow stick in the ground, not travel on like a bullet could.

Children are in the area, is it safe for them?

Most of our members are parents and all fully understand safety is the number one priority. Any unsafe act by any member will mean immediate expulsion from our group.

How long do deer live?

In the wild, deer could live up to 10 years. In areas with high gun hunting pressure, most deer don't live past 1.5 years. There are accounts of penned deer that have lived up to 20 years.

How much does your group charge?

Nothing. There is never any charge, ever.

I have dogs, will they be safe?

Of course. Our members ALWAYS identify their targets, and the way a dog moves is very different from a deer. For our sake, we'd rather not have any dogs out while archery hunting. Not only for your peace of mind, but also so they do not spoil a shooting opportunity.

Is it legal?

Yes it is. Our group follows & is bound by all game laws passed and enforced by the PA Game Commission.

Once you get a buck will I ever see you again?

Yes you will. Our members enjoy time afield and we look forward to the low fat, high quality table fare that the Whitetail deer provides for our families. I personally get out as much as my wife will let me!

If you're successful, will there be a mess left behind?

Never! It's our policy to bring out all the mess after a successful hunt. We're as low impact as possible.

Can I have a share of the venison?

Absolutely. If any of our hosts want, we share the harvest with them.

How can I tell if an animal is rabid?

Analysis of brain tissue under a microscope is the only positive way. However, noticeable symptoms are these: Nocturnal wildlife staggering around in daylight; wildlife aggressively pursuing fast moving objects; wildlife physically unable or too sick to respond to the presence of humans; wildlife frothing at the mouth.

Note: Care should be given if you think an animal is rabid. Keep pets & children clear, and call authorities.

How many deer/vehicle collisions occur in PA?

An estimated 40,000 deer are hit by cars every year in Pennsylvania.